Olde Alchemy is Live!

Wow, what a journey. It's been over a year we have been working on this idea. Designing our formula's and creating a soap that we are proud of. A lot of failures and long days have gotten us to this point. But today we launch our site and our store is live!

We want to thank everyone who has helped us get to this point. Friends and family alike who have supported us in this journey. While this feels like the finish line, its only the first step. We want to make this the best company we possibly can, so if you have ideas for nerdy things that you wanna see soap themed around, we are always available at our email or social media pages. Reach out and we will work to make it a reality if possible.

We have a ton of ideas in the pipeline beyond just soap. Bath-bombs, deodorant, shower fizzes and more will be coming so check back regularly to see what we have added also follow our Facebook page to be kept up to date on all the cool stuff we are working on, for now ill leave you with this quote as a hint for our next soap to be joining our line.

"Tell them about the twinkie."

Coming to deepsouthparacomicon in September!

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